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Easiest Plants To Start Your Edible Garden


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An edible garden is an excellent way to bring fresh ingredients into your kitchen. Starting a garden is not as difficult as you may think. You do not need a green thumb, a large plot of land or copious amounts of time to build the edible garden of your dreams. All that is needed is just some guidance and the easiest plants to grow that even the most beginner gardener can get right. Get your trimmer, plot your land and click here to find out more. Here are some of the simplest plants to grow in your home garden.


These are the perfect plants to start with. Get yourself some basil, cilantro, parsley, chives and rosemary seeds and you will be good to go. They will grow just about anywhere. Herbs can also fit in small containers, making it ideal for those who live in small spaces. Make sure that you plant them in good quality organic potting soil. The containers that you use should be 12 inches deep by 12-inch diameter. You could also plant them straight into the ground. Not only can you bring fresh ingredients into your recipes but you can also save tons of money on buying those fresh herbs from the grocery store.


These plants thrive in cooler temperatures, making them ideal for those who live in chillier climates. It is recommended that you plant these straight into the ground as they do better that way. You can either plant them as starters or you can start from seeds. Be sure that when you plant them in the ground, you plant them deeply. You want to bury the stem in soil up to its lowest leaves. From there the stems can sprout roots. Put them in a sunny spot and they will thrive.


Potatoes are simple to start. There is nothing complicated about it. You can either find potato seeds or you can get an organic potato from your local grocery store and plant it in the ground. Just cut the organic potato into chunks, making sure to keep the eye intact. Dry those chunks out for a few days and plant them in raised beds with nutritious soil. Knowing when to harvest is just as simple as starting them. You can harvest them when they are small or you can wait until the end of the season if you want bigger potatoes.


You heard right. Spinach is very simple to plant in your edible garden. They are ideal to plant in the spring or fall. Avoid the summer as it is way too hot for your spinach plant to thrive. Keep in mind you have to plant a lot of spinach seeds in order to harvest a lot. You can harvest them by either picking their biggest leaves or by cutting the leaves back to leave roughly an inch of the plant in the ground. It is recommended that you harvest your spinach by cutting the leaves back because you will get more spinach many more times throughout the season.

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