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How To Help Your Child Succeed In School

Education and learning is very very important. We all want our children to succeed in school and get a great education. However, it all begins at home. Setting a good foundation for learning at home will ensure that your child does well at school. Here is How to help your child succeed in school whether it be virtual or in person.
1) Pray for and with your child. Pray for their safety, pray for their education, pray for their educators and pray that all of their fears be cast away. Last year my son was in Kindergarten. He went through a rough patch of crying everyday not wanting me to leave him. I began to pray with him every morning before I dropped him off. I prayed that he would have a great day. I also prayed that God would calm his fears so that he could enjoy school and learn well. Before I knew it, my son stopped crying and did so well in school. He was no longer fearful when I would leave him. 

2) Build them up- Say only great things to your child. Let them know that you believe in them and that you know they can do anything that they set their minds to. Show them that you believe in them. Give them positive affirmations. Never ever speak negative things to them.

3) Set them up for success at home- It's very important that you set your child up for success at home whether the learning is virtual, hybrid or all in person. Create an organized space that is dedicated for their learning each day. I created this home office for my son using most things  from the Dollar Tree and Dollar General, so it's very affordable. I wanted an organized space that had all of his things for school and homework in one spot. I also made sure that I put this little office in a spot that wouldn't have much noise so that he can concentrate. 


4) Be involved- Offer to help your child in anything they need help with, especially homework. Also communicate with their teacher often to see how your child is doing. Try your best to have a good relationship with their teacher. You want to be in the loop of what's going on in the classroom and what new things they are learning. 

5) Take advantage of offered services- Services offered from the school are such a blessing. If your child needs any type of service or help, don't hesitate to use these services. My son has needed speech therapy since he was 3. Speech has been so wonderful for him and he has made so much progress. I'm so proud of the progress that he has made. 

6) Have a routine- Allowing your child to have a routine is so important, especially when it comes to bedtime. They need a consistent bedtime routine so that they can get the proper rest they need in order to learn well. If they don't get enough rest, it will make it harder for them to focus and retain information. Also be sure that they have a routine of taking breaks and a routine of when to do homework. Once they get the routine down, they will just automatically do it. Children need routines and so do adults. That is how you accomplish things.

7) Let them have fun- Don't forget that they are just a child. Let them have time for fun and just be a kid. They are only little once and they grow up way too fast. You can be stern with them, but don't be too hard on them. Allow learning to be fun for them. If they do well, reward them with play. Give them play breaks. A lot of children learn through play. 

8) Be their biggest supporter- Show your child that you support them and their learning efforts 100 percent. When they do well, be sure to praise them for a job well done. Let them know how proud you are of them. Encourage them!

9) Read to you child- Help your child to love reading and to be a good reader by reading to them every night. This will also help you to bond together. Make reading a priority.

10) Address Problems- Be sure to let the teacher or principal know of any concerns or problems that you or your child might have. You can't fix the problem if you don't address it. 

These 10 tips are for sure ways to help your child succeed in school. Having a good learning experience starts at home for your child. Let them know that you are on their team and that they can accomplish anything. Show them that you love them and believe in them!

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