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Lemon Pepper Air Fryer Skewers

Have I told you that I love my Air Fryer? Like, I really really love my Air Fryer. Since I have owned it, I have not turned on our stove at all. If I can't Air Fry or Grill our food, then it isn't getting fixed. Having an Air Fryer has made life so much easier. I really have tried almost everything in it. However, one of my favorites has been these Lemon Pepper Skewers.

My husband and I love Skewers, but for some reason when we fix them on the grill they get too dry. I don't like a dry and crunchy skewer. That just takes the flavor out of it and it's certainly not appealing. One day I decided to try my hand at making them in the Air Fryer and I'm so glad I did. They turned out amazing and so full of juicy flavor. 

What you will need:
1 package of bamboo skewers
1 lb chicken diced or cubed
1 Zuchinni 
1 Squash
1 Onion
1 Green Bell Pepper 
1 carton of Red Grape Tomatoes 
Lemon Pepper Marinade 

After dicing and cutting up chicken and vegetables to liking, place them on wooden skewers in order of preference. Then soak them in Lemon Pepper or Marinade for at least 30 minutes.  The longer you soak them, the better they will taste.

Be sure to coat front and back of skewers with marinade. I used at least half of a bottle of the marinade. 

You can fit about 4 at a time in Air Fryer. Set to 370 degrees and cook for 20-25 minutes. I stop and turn them over about halfway through cook time. Once the timer goes off make sure the chicken is good and well done. If so, no more cook time is needed.


They are so juicy and packed full of delicious lemon pepper flavor. Air Fryer Skewers are so much better than on the grill. You are sure to love them!


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