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How to Resist Temptation in a Materialistic Society

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 Modern life is full of distractions and temptations. Each day we are bombarded with advertising messages, trying to sell us a product or service that will make us rich, more beautiful, and more popular. It is estimated that we are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising messages every day. When we are bombarded with this much information it is no surprise that our minds feel distracted and overwhelmed. 

Remember that you are enough

Living in a society that celebrates fame, beauty, and money ahead of compassion and kindness puts our perception of ourselves and our worth under the microscope. All of these advertising messages and social media posts lead to us comparing ourselves unfavorably to other people. At the root of advertising are often messages that play on people’s insecurities and make us feel that we are not enough as we are. Our materialistic side may be exposed as we are led to believe that we would be prettier, more successful, or more popular if we had the newest lip gloss or latest cell phone. 

To stay true to yourself and your faith, you need to remember that you are enough. Having the latest designer clothing may make you feel better initially, but that feeling will always be fleeting and quickly pass. In contrast, your faith will always provide you with comfort and insight and enable you to see the value of life beyond material goods. Make it your goal to see beyond these materialistic parts of our society. Valuing people for themselves and not how they look or how much money they earn is essential.

Don’t be fooled by FOMO

Have you experienced FOMO recently? FOMO, aka the fear of missing out, is a common feeling in the digital age. Scroll through social media, and you are likely to see posts where your friends are showing off their latest purchases or sharing details of a promotion they have achieved at work. While you may feel happy for them, a small part of you may also feel pangs of jealousy. This jealousy is something that many people experience when they compare their lives to others. Making comparisons can leave you wondering why your life turned out so differently, and you may feel that you are missing out.

Don’t forget that social media is a veneer. People share the parts of their lives that are positive to portray themselves in the best light. Everyone has personal struggles, so seeing beyond social media posts will free you from comparisons and the fear that you are missing out.

It would be impossible to entirely avoid seeing these temptations each day, which challenges us to practice How to walk in the Spirit. Staying connected and surrendering to God is the best way to look beyond the advertising techniques and glossy images and to see them for what they genuinely are. Keeping your perspective and resisting temptation may not be easy, but reconnecting with your purpose will ensure you overcome these feelings.

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