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4 Essentials To Keep In Your Car

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 Have you ever been on a road trip and wished you had something in your car to ease the journey? We feel the same way. There have probably been occasions when you've been driving and wished you had done more planning for your trip. One approach to keep yourself from hoping these things would happen is to have an inventory of basics in your car at all times, so that if the need ever comes you'll be prepared and not left in the dark and without options.

What Will Make Or Break A Dinner Party?


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You may not have been hosting dinner parties in the past, but it’s likely that you are now. The coronavirus pandemic kind of made going out to restaurants a little more difficult, after all. But of course, it’s not as if we can live without spending quality time with our friends. The solution? Bring the restaurant to your home! It’s not only more affordable to host a dinner party, but it can also be more fun. 

Ways You Can Benefit Your Family


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When you have kids, you want what’s best for them. Of course, nobody is perfect. But there are multiple steps you can take to make every moment of their lives as positive and beneficial to them as possible. Providing your kids with a good upbringing can prove challenging and many people don’t really know where to start. Some of the steps outlined below can really help to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

7 Things to Remember When Planning For Baby's Arrival

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Getting ready for your new baby can be an exciting and scary experience. However, for many new parents, the scariness of the situation often outweighs the excitement. Suddenly, you realize that there are so many things you need to do to prepare for your new arrival. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and it’s a normal feeling for new parents. Many new parents often worry about what to do to prepare for the arrival of their new baby.

Fortunately, there are a ton of resources online that can help you find the best thing for your baby and allow you to prepare for when they come along. Here are six things you need to remember when planning for the arrival of your new baby: 

How To Make Dental Hygiene Fun For Kids

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 Help your children to keep their teeth healthy and deal with the dentist by making dental hygiene more fun. If you can make cleaning their teeth and going to the dentist a good experience, your child will be better able to keep up good oral care. They’ll grow with good habits and great teeth. Here’s how to make it fun.


Harvest Soup


Have you ever tried Harvest Soup? If not, you are definitley missing out. It is the perfect soup for a cool Autumn Day. It's a comforting soup and I'm all about comfort food. My cousin passed this recipe on down to me and it has became one of my favorites. I seriously could eat it once a week or more. 

Your Guide To Enjoying Food As A Family

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 For a lot of people, a lot of their cherished family memories involve food. Whether it is enjoying a thanksgiving dinner or late-night treats at a sleepover. 

Food is a great way for families to connect and spend time together, and if you have young children, it’s a perfect way to encourage picky eaters to sample new foods. 

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How To Keep Your Health In Check When You Travel

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When we travel, it can be common to let our health take a back seat. However, it is important to always keep on top of your help to reduce the risk of illness and medical conditions. If you often struggle to maintain your health routine when you travel, here are some tips. 

Affordable Amazon: Back To School Tees for Boys

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Anti-Acne Foods: Food To Eat To Clear Your Acne From the Inside-Out

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 It's time to clear up the confusion about what foods are good for your skin and which ones are not. Many factors cause acne, but it can be helped or worsened by what you eat. This blog post will talk about the anti-acne diet!

Friday Favorites: Atlantic City

Welcome Friends and Happy Friday! I'm so glad you're here. Friday Favorites is where I share my favorite highlights or favorite things from the past week each Friday.  Follow along to read more.

Friday Favorites

Welcome Friends and Happy Friday! I'm so glad you're here. Friday Favorites is where I share my favorite highlights or favorite things from the past week each Friday.  Follow along to read more.

3 Tips To Help You Host The Perfect Dinner Party

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 Having friends or coworkers over for dinner can be a lot of fun.  A well-organized dinner party ensures that everyone has a good time by providing the right dishes, drinks, and people combo.

However, the planning that goes on behind the scenes to make a dinner party go off with a bang - in the way that you want it to - can be far from easy. If you get your menu wrong, you may find yourself getting stressed out in the kitchen, while your guests are left abandoned in another room. Get your guest list wrong and you could find everyone sitting around in an uncomfortable, stony atmosphere. 

To avoid landing yourself in this situation, here we share three tips to help you to host the perfect dinner party. 

Eating Healthier Doesn't Have To Be Boring And Bland

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 One of the misconceptions about eating healthy is that it means you have to eat something boring. This could not be further from the truth as there are so many different things out there that you can explore if you are brave enough. If you are picky with food, then you’re going to have to learn some of the healthier stuff if you don’t want to be eating boring food forever. Down below, we’re going to show you some of the ways that you can go about not eating boring, but still eating healthy. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

3 Ways You Can Better Bond With Your Growing Children

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If you are a parent and reading this then you know that your children never grow up. Not to you, at least. From the day they are born there is an attachment and bond that is so strong it cannot be described, but over time as they grow older, it can feel like the bond becomes weaker as they go out into the world and become themselves.

4 Tasty Weekend Breakfast Ideas For Your Family


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There are days when cereals just don’t cut it, which is why you need mouth-watering homemade weekend breakfast dishes. A food survey indicated that more than 12% of the population prefer to eat out for their weekend breakfast. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will decide to cook these delicious morning meals for your family over the weekend. More importantly, if your child is a picky eater, you will find these ideas welcoming.

7 Reasons Why Including More Seafood In Your Diet Is Good For You

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We’re always searching for new ways to enhance our health. And our diet is a brilliant place to start. Particularly with seafood. There are so many amazingly delicious ways to integrate it into your diet too. And food that’s delicious and good for you is something you can’t pass up.

You might hear people harping on about all these amazing benefits that seafood has to offer. But lots of people aren’t aware of just how comprehensive those benefits really are. 

Here are 7 brilliant reasons why incorporating more seafood into your diet is really good for your health.

Cookies and Cream Fudge


Supporting Your Child: Overcome The Issues That May Have Surfaced In Lockdown

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 The past 12-18 months have been challenging for us all. However, it’s undoubtedly been even tougher on children who have seen their whole world turned upside down. Not least because they don't truly understand it. For most families, the focus has been on simply getting through this period. Now that some normality has returned, it is time to tackle some of the repercussions caused by this difficult phase.

Here are some of the most likely issues that will need your attention, along with what parents can do to support kids as they overcome the obstacles.

The Best Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids


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Anyone who has children will know how difficult the job is. When you sign up for parenthood, you’re committing to many years of care! While, of course, the primary tasks include ensuring that your kids have food, shelter, and access to education, the best parents are the ones that go a step further and make sure that their children know the life lessons that are truly worth knowing. They’ll make them great children and great adults! But what lessons should you teach them? Let’s take a look.

Kinder Crazy Subscription Box Review

 Y'all! I have a confession to make. I have never been a big fan of subscription boxes. I have always felt like that they were too costly for the small amount of things that you received. I haven't purchased a subscription box in a few years, until recently when I found the Kinder Crazy Subscription Box.

How to help someone who is grieving


Grief is such a terrible thing! It is something that you never grow accustomed to. It can happen with the loss of a loved one, a friend, a pet, a home, a job and many other different forms. The truth is that we all grieve over something at one point and time in our lives. Grief takes a toll on our bodies and wears us out both mentally and physically. There is nothing that anyone can say or do to make us feel better but these are the times that we need someone to be there for us the most. It  helps knowing that someone is there for you and that you are not alone in your grief. Here are somethings that you can do to help someone who is grieving.

Happy Family Homes Have These Qualities


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Everyone’s idea of happiness differs in reality, so it is always hard to know exactly what you would aim for personally if you want to be happy in the home. But there are some things that most of us are aiming for and hoping for when it comes to having happy homes with our families, and so you can always aim for those if you are keen to live a happier life in general. In this post, we are going to take a look at just some of the qualities that happy family homes tend to have. If you have these, you are probably doing quite well.

6 Good Reasons To Eat More Soup



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If you’re looking to improve your health and your diet, soup is the way forward! There are plenty of reasons to eat more soup, including:

A Covid Style 7th Birthday

This year has definitely been a different and difficult year.  I certainly did not expect to be celebrating my son's 7th birthday in the middle of a global pandemic. We have been very limited with what we can actually do, so it has been hard to plan a safe and fun party. However, we made the best of it so that Raylan could have fun turning the big 7. Here is how we celebrated a Covid Style 7th Birthday...

Your Guide To Throwing A Socially Distanced Get-Together

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While socializing has been super difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still possible to find ways to see the people we love. Keeping ourselves and our families safe throughout coronavirus has been the priority, but we all still crave that fun social aspect to our lives, don’t we?

If you have a celebration coming up, such as a birthday, anniversary or a professional milestone, you might be worrying about throwing a get-together that keeps everybody safe from coronavirus. If that sounds like you, don’t worry - your guide to throwing a socially distanced party is here!

Let’s get started, shall we?

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