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6 Good Reasons To Eat More Soup



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If you’re looking to improve your health and your diet, soup is the way forward! There are plenty of reasons to eat more soup, including:

1 . Soups are nutritious

There are so many nutritious soups to try, you can blend up plenty of vegetables in soups, whether it’s spinach, kale, green peas, carrots, broccoli, or red pepper. It’s a great way to eat a huge portion of veggies in just one small meal!

2. Simple to prepare

You don’t need the best culinary skills in the world to prepare a soup, it’s both easy and quick. All you need to do is to heat and simmer vegetables, or use a blender. Start with a few easy soup recipes online, and you’ll soon get the hang of it!

3. Inexpensive to make

Want to save money on your groceries? Soups are inexpensive, especially if you only use veggies instead of meat. They are easy to freeze so you can always save them if you have leftovers.

4. Good for weight loss

Looking to shed some of those lockdown pounds? Soups are both light and nutritious, a great way to improve your diet!

5. Immune boosting food

Want to give your immune system a boost? Try making soups like Vietnamese Pho, sweet potato soup, garlic, and tomato, or portobello mushroom.

6. Great starter at a dinner party

When you’ve got a dinner party coming up, soups are the perfect starter to impress your guests. For some great ideas of soup pairings with wine and beer, take a look at this:

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