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How to help someone who is grieving


Grief is such a terrible thing! It is something that you never grow accustomed to. It can happen with the loss of a loved one, a friend, a pet, a home, a job and many other different forms. The truth is that we all grieve over something at one point and time in our lives. Grief takes a toll on our bodies and wears us out both mentally and physically. There is nothing that anyone can say or do to make us feel better but these are the times that we need someone to be there for us the most. It  helps knowing that someone is there for you and that you are not alone in your grief. Here are somethings that you can do to help someone who is grieving.

1) Pray for them! - Praying for someone is the single most important thing that you can do for anyone. Lift their name up to God and let him take control of their burdens. Prayer changes things!

2) Be there for them! - Even if you don't have the right words to say, your presence alone lets them realize that you care for them.

3) Social Media-  Most people nowadays have some form of social media that they interact with. Send the person grieving a message and let them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers. Even if they don't have the chance to reply back, they will at least know that you reached out to them. It only takes a few seconds to send a text or message.

4) Send a Card- Everyone loves to receive mail, especially cards. Send them an uplifting card that will brighten their day.

5) Dessert- Most everyone loves dessert and it's  a comfort food. Make or buy the grieving person a dessert and deliver it to them. Dessert is almost always guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

6) Give them a meal-  A grieving person doesn't eat well and most definitely doesn't feel like cooking. They have too many other things to have to worry about and take care of than cooking. Make them soup or a meal and deliver it  to them. They need food to keep their strength up.

7) Blanket and Coffee-Take them a soft cozy  blanket,  some coffee, tea or hot chocolate. This will make them feel safe, secure and warm.

8) Books - Take them books, devotionals or magazines. This gives them something to occupy their time and get their grief off of their mind for a second.

9) Lend a helping hand- Once again, a grieving person doesn't feel like doing much of anything. Offer to help take out the trash or do some chores for them that might have been neglected.

10) Honor-  Help honor a loved one or whatever it is that they are grieving over. Get out pictures and reflect on happier times. You can also help honor a loved one by setting up a memorial or scholarship fund or donating to charity. You can even plant flowers or a tree in a loved one's memory. Another great idea is having a Christmas ornament made as a memorial gift. 

11) Listen and be there- Sometimes a person just needs to vent. Lend an ear or  a shoulder to cry on. Talking about problems have proven to be successful in helping to deal with grief.

Nowadays, it seems like no one is really there for anyone. Life is so hectic and just seems to get in the way. Please make time to help a grieving person get through a trying time. In times like these is when we need a friend the most. Be that friend. Help someone today! Be the change you want to see! 

I have dealt with so much grief lately. I will forever be grateful to those who have been there for me and my family in our time of need. Their simple gestures of kindness meant the world to us. Their acts of kindness will never be forgotten. It was so nice that they took time from their day to help us in our season of loss. These people have been blessings from God.

So if you know someone who is experiencing a season of grief, please take the time to be there for them.They need someone more than ever to be there for them.

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