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Supporting Your Child: Overcome The Issues That May Have Surfaced In Lockdown

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 The past 12-18 months have been challenging for us all. However, it’s undoubtedly been even tougher on children who have seen their whole world turned upside down. Not least because they don't truly understand it. For most families, the focus has been on simply getting through this period. Now that some normality has returned, it is time to tackle some of the repercussions caused by this difficult phase.

Here are some of the most likely issues that will need your attention, along with what parents can do to support kids as they overcome the obstacles.

Obesity And Fitness Struggles

The child obesity crisis existed long before the pandemic hit. Nonetheless, being stuck indoors for months hasn’t helped, especially if you live in a city where schools were closed for long periods. Plenty of outdoor activities can be enjoyed as a family. Meanwhile, you may find that this is the perfect time to think about Little League, dance classes, and other organized sessions for kids. 

Most children (and adults) have put on a little weight. Try not to make a big deal of it. Instead, you should focus on making it fun. The road to healthy living will be far smoother.

Slow Communication Development

A lack of social interactions outside of the household will have stunted the development of many children. Even if you’ve done your best to promote some sort of interaction through video chat and online tech, help may be needed. Finding the best speech therapist specifically for children will work wonders. They can tackle problems linked to a lack of confidence as well as more serious underlying speech development issues.

An inability to communicate clearly will lead to emotional frustration. This also encourages poor behavior. Helping your child overcome developmental issues is the best gift you can give.

Fears Of Leaving The Home

Mental health issues have become more common among children and adults alike. Anxiety is arguably the most likely issue. And agoraphobic elements are particularly problematic at this time. While parents can find a lot of helpful info online, child counseling services may be necessary too. Many kids will find it easier to open up to an outsider. Besides, experts have the experience to identify the root causes and discover a suitable treatment plan.

No parent wants their child to suffer from anxiety or related mental health issues. The sooner a diagnosis and treatment plan is found, the better. For you and, crucially, your child.

Difficulties With Returning To A Schedule

Many families saw their routines change drastically during the pandemic. Homeschooling, work from home schemes, and the general state of confusion all added to the situation. Now that society is edging back to normality, it can feel a little overwhelming for children. It is a good idea to start with baby steps, like restoring the bedtime routines or using age-appropriate chores. School and extracurricular classes are great solutions too.

It has been an immensely difficult time for children, and the impacts may show for several months. But they are resilient. With your love and support, they will get back on track.

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