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7 Reasons Why Including More Seafood In Your Diet Is Good For You

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We’re always searching for new ways to enhance our health. And our diet is a brilliant place to start. Particularly with seafood. There are so many amazingly delicious ways to integrate it into your diet too. And food that’s delicious and good for you is something you can’t pass up.

You might hear people harping on about all these amazing benefits that seafood has to offer. But lots of people aren’t aware of just how comprehensive those benefits really are. 

Here are 7 brilliant reasons why incorporating more seafood into your diet is really good for your health.

It’s Great For Your Heart Health

Seafood is a big source of Omega-3. And the fatty acids in Omega-3 are incredibly important for your heart health. With heart disease and heart attack being one of the most prevalent causes of premature death, seafood can help combat these problems later in life.

Researchers have found that people who regularly eat seafood have a much smaller danger of heart attack, stroke, and passing from heart disease. To get the best benefits, try to incorporate 2 servings of Omega-3 rich seafood a week. Or take a daily supplement. 

It’s Good For Your Eyes

Those all-important Omega-3’s also play a big role in maintaining the health of your eyes. DHA, an omega-3, is found in the retina of your eye. So eating food like seafood that is rich in it will help protect your eyes as you age. 

It Could Boost Brain Health

Unfortunately, our brain function can decline as we age. But some studies have found that people who eat more seafood have slower rates of decline in their brain health. It’s also been recorded that people who eat fish every week have more gray matter in the parts of their brain that handle emotion and memory. And the gray matter is your brain’s major functional tissue.

Seafood can also help people who suffer from depression. It could be partly down to the boost in gray matter. But it’s also thought that its omega-3 fatty acids could be fighting depression and improving anti-depressants’ effectiveness.

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It May Improve Your Sleep

It can be difficult to get enough sleep no matter who you are. But before you reach for the sleeping pills, try eating some more seafood. It’s thought that vitamin D rich food helps sleep. 

It’s High In Important Nutrients

There are so many things our body requires. And it can be hard to make sure you’re getting it all in your diet. Fish is absolutely full of the good stuff your body needs to keep ticking along. 

It has iodine, high-quality protein, and loads of vitamins and nutrients. One of those vitamins is vitamin D, which many people find they are lacking. And we can’t forget those amazing omega-3 fatty acids. They’re integral to great body and mind function.

Seafood Is Great For Developing Babies

As mentioned before, the omega-3 fat DHA is integral to brain and eye development. That’s why omega-3 fatty acids are consistently recommended to pregnant women. But some fish are high in mercury, which pregnant women should stay clear of as it’s been linked to developmental issues. Stick to low mercury options like salmon, sardines, oysters, scallops, and trout. And don’t exceed more than 12 ounces even of low mercury fish. 

It’s Delicious

There’s no denying it; seafood is delicious. And so versatile. You could rustle up the best southern fried oysters if you want to mix up your seafood offerings. Or you can go classic with a nice piece of cod. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get more seafood down and feel those benefits!

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