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Friday Favorites: Atlantic City

Welcome Friends and Happy Friday! I'm so glad you're here. Friday Favorites is where I share my favorite highlights or favorite things from the past week each Friday.  Follow along to read more.

I'm so sorry that I didn't get my friday post up last week. We were vacationing at Atlantic City Beach in New Jersey. So, I will be sharing my favorites from our trip.

1) The ocean was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect too! It was so nice to relax to the sounds of the waves crashing in. My favorite will always be walking on the ocean in the early morning hours.

2)  Justin and I have been to the beach before, but Raylan had never been before. The last time we were at the beach was when I was pregnant with Raylan.  This will forever be my favorite photo of Raylan walking out to the ocean for the very first time with his daddy.

3) It was also my brother's first time seeing the ocean for the first time. He was so amazed and absolutely loved it.

4) Raylan was so excited to collect seashells.

5) This photo makes my day every time I look at it. Raylan was so upset when we ordered him only two slices of pizza to eat. He thought they were going to be small slices. He was so shocked when they brought out these two big slices. We definitely underestimated how big a slice was. If you're ever in Atlantic City, do yourself a favor and stop at Popa Pizza. It's the best pizza I have ate!

6) Absecon Lighthouse was absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted to see a real lighthouse. It certainly didn't disappoint. I'm so thankful God blessed me to be able to see one.

7) Sorry for so many picture. It's hard to pick between them all. We are used to going to Myrtle Beach, so Atlantic City was a nice change of scenery. Here are a few more of my favorite with no caption needed. Enjoy!

That's a wrap for my Friday Favorites. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great and safe weekend! God Bless You!

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