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How To Make Dental Hygiene Fun For Kids

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 Help your children to keep their teeth healthy and deal with the dentist by making dental hygiene more fun. If you can make cleaning their teeth and going to the dentist a good experience, your child will be better able to keep up good oral care. They’ll grow with good habits and great teeth. Here’s how to make it fun.


Brush and Floss Together

A good way to make your children more interested in looking after their teeth is to do it together. Children often copy their parents, so show them good brushing techniques. After they’ve brushed their teeth, encourage them to clean between their teeth with floss or an interdental brush. You can do this for them if they’re too young to manage themselves. 

Get a Special Toothbrush

Keep them interested with a fun, new toothbrush. When the old brush wears out, let them choose a new one in a fun colour or that features their favourite cartoon character. Just make sure they choose one with soft bristles. 

Keep Track Of Time

Children for brush for two minutes, twice a day. To make sure they’re brushing for the right amount of time, you can use a timer. Let your child start the timer, brush, and then stop the timer when it sounds, so they feel involved in the routine. 

Sing Brushing Songs

Use a song to time brushing. Find, or make up, a fun song that lasts about two minutes to help your child tell how long to brush. You could sing the song to them, or play it on a speaker or your phone. Ask your child what song they would like, so they enjoy brushing time. 

Choose Special Toothpaste

Toothpaste doesn’t have to be boring. Mint toothpaste can taste too strong to many children, so look at children’s toothpaste in fun, fruity flavours. Some even come in different colours. Get your child involved in the choice too. 

Use Books and Videos

If your children need more information, you can show them books and videos about healthy oral care habits, or that show them what to expect if they’re nervous about visiting the dentist or orthodontist. There are lots out there designed for children of all ages to make oral care something they can understand.  

Complete a Craft Project

Preschoolers love to do anything messy, so why not use arts and crafts to teach them about why looking after their teeth and oral health is so important? You could use a poster board, and get them to draw or choose a picture to print or a large, smiling face with their teeth exposed. With a marker, colour the teeth yellow, and give it to your kids to paint the teeth white again. Talk to them about the importance of cleaning their teeth to keep them clean, white, and healthy. You could put the finished craft in the bathroom as a reminder of what clean teeth ought to look like, so your young children can remember why they’re in there. 

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